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GQ - The Style Guy

Q. I wear prescription glasses and sunglasses, but I'm sick of carrying around two pair. So I'm thinking about getting a pair of prescription frames with tinted lenses. Can I get away with this? Or is it too much like wearing sunglasses inside or at night? Or just creepy?

A. I don't remember thinking someone in tinted glasses looked creepy, unless he was creepy to begin with. It ain't the tint, it's the glint. Why not try photochromic lenses, which darken when you go out in the sun? A company called transitions makes lenses called Drivewear that automatically darken behind the windshield of a car, useful for those of us who like to wear shades against glare even on less-than-sunny days. Then there's the old standby, clip-on shades. These handy attachments have been popular with athletes, outdoorsmen, and nerds for decades. You can get them from Lenscrafters or online. offers lots of styles to match your glasses.